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“Investing in Place gets into the weeds and explains things like no one else does.”

We hear this a lot, and it’s the best feedback we could get.

You should have a say in how Los Angeles is spending your money. But how can you, if you don’t know when and how decisions are being made?

That’s where we come in.

Why Our Work is Vital

Did you know that Los Angeles is the only major U.S. city without a capital infrastructure plan? No one (truly, no one) has a clear picture of where BILLIONS of public works and transportation funds have gone over the years, and there is no publicly accessible funding plan for past, present, or future investments.

In short: without a plan, LA is the region with the largest public works program in the nation, and still has broken, unpassable sidewalks and no viable, reliable, and safe options other than driving.

Why Your Support is Vital

People in LA genuinely care about racial equity, climate justice, economic prosperity and quality of life. Every one of those issues is connected to the other, and all are dependent upon the quality of our public realm.

Your support helps on two fronts: our analysis of what the City of LA is planning and doing, and our sharing of that information so people can advocate for their own communities.

What You’re Helping to Support

Vibrant, cohesive neighborhoods are possible when community members know what is being planned for their neighborhood and how they can have an impact. It all comes down to knowing more about how money is spent and how decisions are made.

We follow the money and the policy so more people feel empowered to advocate for their own communities with a spirit of confidence and inclusion.

Join us!


LA Needs a Capital Infrastructure Plan

It’s nearly impossible to advocate for equitable investment in neighborhoods when there’s no guiding document and no budget process. What we have instead is multiple departments planning one year at a time, in a process that’s a mystery. What infrastructure investments should Los Angeles prioritize over the next decade, to make the biggest improvements for those who need it most?


Bus Riders

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Bus riders do the talking in this engaging overview of what it’s like on six bus routes that are crucial lifelines for under-served Angelenos.


It’s time to Stop Trippin’: City of Los Angeles Sidewalks Policy Brief

Learn about Los Angeles’ approach to sidewalks and crosswalks, and why our sidewalks have not seen a significant investment since the 1970s.

LA Metro

Letter to the Metro Board and CEO

Learn why those who rely on bus service in Los Angeles (largely people with lower incomes and Black, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander) have been getting less and less over the years.

Bus Operators

The Metro Bus Operator Crisis

Bus Shelters

Let's Talk Some Shade

The City of Los Angeles has over 8,000 bus stops, but only 25% of them have a bus shelter.