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Supporting Los Angeles Transportation Advocacy and Organizing

Support our 2021 Campaigns to: Build Power, Create Better Buses for LA, Champion Moms and Mobility and Grow Budget Advocacy

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As Investing in Place looks forward to its sixth year, we are faced with a political, policy, and social landscape that is rife with uncertainty, plagued with systemic inequities, and poised for change. It is in this context that our organization presents its third strategic plan. As we’ve struggled to make sense of the political strife, economic hardship, personal grief, and public mourning that has characterized this most recent year, we have doubled down on our commitment to fostering fairer and more just communities.

Looking ahead, Investing in Place will continue to pursue its mission of aligning policies and public dollars to support transformative transportation investments. But the organization will fulfill this mission with a renewed emphasis on strengthening partnerships and working across issue areas to demand reparative change.

Our latest strategic plan reinforces Investing in Place’s commitment to supporting communities by fostering collaboration, building shared understanding, and pursuing inclusive processes to enable more just outcomes. It is a much-needed road map for the uncertainty that lies ahead.

With your support we can continue to build shared understanding and power regarding Metro and Los Angeles City processes, and provide budgetary strategy to community partners. We are working to build a Los Angeles transportation advocacy platform that prioritizes funding based on need, safety and access in a time of scarcity.