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Los Angeles is the region with the largest public works program in the nation ($8 billion at Metro, and nearly $1 billion in LA City, annually) yet still has broken, unpassable sidewalks and no viable, reliable, and safe options other than driving. The City of Los Angeles does not even have a public works and transportation budget. We want to change this.

Your support allows Investing in Place to advocate for a more inclusive decision-making process and equitable resource allocation for all Angelenos, especially those reliant on public infrastructure (transportation, sidewalks, street improvements, etc.).

A city with better transportation options means better access to health and human services, better access to educational opportunities, and better access to jobs. In other words, better transportation options result in a better city for everyone.

Since 2015, Investing in Place has hosted over 80 Work Groups and Policy Convenings, attracting 30-150 participants for each session. Collectively, we have engaged and raised the voices of more than 4000 neighbors across the region. These collaborative convenings are workshops with all voices shaping the position of key issues at the City of Los Angeles and Metro. These curated sessions focus on a diverse and inclusive set of partners to increase shared understanding and dialogue, building the capacity of local and regional advocates. The work from our convenings is noted by elected officials, policy-makers, and the media as continuing to shape regional transportation and public investment policies.


City of LA “Stop Trippin” Initiative: Building Budget Power

Support our Advisory Group of cross-disciplinary leaders that will expand knowledge and power around budgeting for City of Los Angeles public works and transportation projects. To be truly effective for the 4 million residents in the second largest city in the nation, the City of LA's public works budget process must shift towards the true needs of our neighbors based on hard numbers of what is spent, where, and most-importantly, why. Fund our efforts to enable a public works budget that starts from a vision of what the City truly needs and creates a 10 year funding plan to get there.

Better Buses for LA Work Group: Organizing in Action

Formed in 2019, Investing in Place coordinates the Better Buses for LA Work Group to convene community members, organizers, public agency staff, advocates and leaders from across the region to share perspectives and updates on the status of transit across the LA Region. We work with stakeholders to strengthen our collective impact to support better transit for Angelenos. Our Work Group meets regularly, attracting at least 25 key participants each session.